Exotic Role-Play

Sexual fantasies are unique

I am a woman who understands a man’s need for sex and the many and varied things that turn us all on. I am a great actress and I advertise role play, but I am only interested in setting up role plays for men who will invest the time communicating the fantasy to me, describing the venue, the clothing, talking about the words etc. 

Erotic Wrestler, Boss/Secretary from Hell or True Financial Dominatrix. 

It needs to be a perfect experience or it will be disappointing for us both, and I hate to disappoint and be disappointed. If your fantasy does not include climax, I can do it but it will cost you double.  

My fees are expensive, but a man with a fantasy deserves perfection. Life is too short, guys. Contact me and let’s talk through your fantasy. 

Erotic Wrestling

The Black Princess

The beautiful Black Princess

She is a wrestling queen

She looks so very (very) hot

And fights so very mean

Beating wimpy men’s her thing

She owns them in the wrestling ring

And then with wimps she toys and plays

And owns them many other ways

Half unconscious on his back

His mind is in a whirl

Trying to accept

That he’s been beaten by a girl!


Secretary Vs Boss

You think you’re the Boss, come I’ll show you who is the Boss

You are looking to reverse your role – I am the BOSS and you the employee, your work performance poor.  It requires me to fire You but I think you can be utilised for other services.  You can either leave or abide by whatever I say. Choose.

Financial Domination

Why would I accept your Dollar when another is always available.

With consummate ease you are now my prisoner to do with as I please I have you where I want you,you are a foolish man indeed, to take me on.

I will taunt and goad.  You are a poor excuse for a man but you have lots more in you, we are going on a treasure hunt. 

You will be the best at what you do for why else would I bother with you.